Parents: We're In This Together!

theStone Kids Ministry 
Teri Allan | theStone Kids Ministry Director

Anyone who has the challenge pleasure of doing life right now with a child at the tail end of summer—all the blessings to you, friends.  I pray you have Jesus, because He’s the only thing that will get you through this with any sort of sanity.
These last few weeks are full last-minute adventures and the timeout chair.  There are late-night bonfires making the best memories, and prying siblings apart from a fight rivaling pay per view.  Somehow, I can be full of joy one minute and threatening to rip my children’s arms off the next (not a proud moment). 
Whether you are a working parent, stay-home parent, ready to them off to school, or preparing to teach from home, here’s an encouraging reminder I snagged from Korie Robertson (Duck Dynasty): You don’t have to be the one to be it all, do it all. Yes, your kids are watching you and listening to you (sometimes, ha) but other people can and will speak into them, too!  Pray for mentors in their lives, introduce them to people who have similar gifts, take them to camps, conferences.  Always be that safe place for them to come back to but release them to learn from others!  Seeing your kids light up and be inspired by others is one of life’s greatest gifts.
These words from Korie, reminded me of theStone church kids ministry.  Our amazing volunteers have a heart for planting seeds of the gospel in each of your children.  We want to partner with every parent to mentor these tender hearts to love God and love each other (Mark 12:28-34).
This fall’s kick-off is Sunday, September 8th.  We have intentionally designed Sunday mornings to maximize worship, scripture memorization, biblical lessons and fun for kids 0-4th grade. 
Our younger kids will have similar structures to previous years…
Nursery | Toddler (0-2)
We just want to comfort and love on the kids in this age-group. 
  • Free play
  • Coloring pages
  • Snacks
Preschool (3-4)
These ages are more interactive and starting to learn basic Bible principles.
  • Free play
  • Worship
  • Crafts
  • Video Bible story
  • Organized activities for lesson application
  • Snacks
  • Scripture memorization
In past years, our older kids have only been offered classes during the 10:30am service.  This year, we’ve been blessed to be able to offer a program during the 9:00am service, as well: theStone Kids Church!
This will be a large-group setting for ages K-4th grade:
  • Worship
  • Games
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Bible Lesson | Message
  • Candy | Prizes
These children will split into the following age groups during the 10:30am service:
  • Kindergarten (and Jr. Kindergarten)
  • 1st Grade | 2nd Grade
  • 3rd Grade | 4th Grade
In these small groups, they will dig further into that day’s lesson and will participate in application activities and discussion.
Once your child finishes 4th grade they will head upstairs to join theStone Students ready to dig deeper, love harder, and meet their next level of mentors that will come alongside you, the parent, to help your child know and grow in the love of Christ.
theStone Kids volunteers are so much more than ‘Sunday morning babysitters’.  With every picture colored, song sung and game played, they are planting seeds of the gospel in the hearts and minds of these children. 
To stay updated on activities and events in theStone Kids, head over to Facebook and join our theStone Kids group!

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