Sharing Our Faith

By: Pastor Joe Camp

I have been having a consistent thought in the first few days of this week. It’s interesting because it is extremely challenging. The thought is simply what I’m doing in line with what God needs done?

I know, sounds weird coming from a pastor but think about it. Sure, I preach every Sunday, I work at a church, I am in church meetings quite a bit. So you could easily say “yep, that’s in line.” But here is the kicker...there are a million more moments where I am just Joe, a dad, a husband, just a dude. 

So then...when I take that thought along with the other moments where I am Joe, is what I am doing in line with what God needs done? Man, that’s tough to chew on. Because I, like many people I’m sure, and am constantly busy. As I processed on this for a few days I have realized a couple of things.

One, it’s been a minute since I have shared my faith with someone that didn’t go to theStone. It’s been a minute since I paused and looked around at Walmart to see who God needs me to just say hey too. It’s been a minute since I took the time to really tell anyone and everyone outside just what God has done for me. I need to pick it up.

Second, I haven’t really been a person with the intention of invitation. It seems I am so laser focused on the task at hand that I find myself just rolling down an aisle bypassing people who need what I have experienced in God. But no...I got to hustle and get the taco seasoning for taco night.

Now maybe I am the only person that has gotten to this point...maybe not. And if not...I wonder something...what are we doing? We have experienced the greatest gift anyone could ever experience in the gift of salvation, but it's not just ours to keep. It’s not just for us. It’s for everyone. 

Maybe this Christmas season the greatest gift we could ever receive is a little more fortitude in sharing our faith. I need to pick it up...will you join me? Let’s share our faith loudly, lets share God’s love boldly, let’s invite people to theStone or to any church, let’s get completely in line with what God needs done.

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I AM what I AM - December 12th, 2019 at 10:44am

Funny thing Joe you should practice what you preach hmmm ?

Figuring your doing Gods Will as you selectively choose who needs God help sounds oxymoronic and not in line at all as you said your so blindsided by faith you often overlook people maybe in need !

What about overlooking Angels and or other Messengers then ? Arrogance comes in thinking you have, you know or could even recognise a truth you've never known or even have seen in your life before, suddenly the Pastor pollutes the pastures and forgets his role as minister !

Obviously a blemish considered ringnecked, spotted and speckled as your pride proves the objector of truths unfamiliar to you, so you call the Law lol wow forgetting Gods Law, can't do your own bidding and is why we fall ! No fear in God Joe yet you demon-strated a lack of true judgment by hearing selectively ! Be ye doers of the Word and not just listeners deceiving your own self !

Shame on you for misinterpreting and having misconstrued Gods words not mine, shame on you in believing literally in the horrendous stories of child sacrifices and murderers and enslavement in a bible that speaks figuritivly over the figure(man) and you fall hook, line and sinker for the Fisher of men as he offers you the LIGHT !

You know who else is the lightbearer and would love to come between you and God...yep the man figure that now stand as the stumbling stone not the Cornerstone and it's no wonder you also removed the Corner seriously !

There's only one way, one God, one truths that need be taught..this truth is not of you, by you or of any personal opinion as the everlasting foundation has been established already for us(you) to stand on, your opinion means naught/zero in the eyes of Truth...again as a rap battle is war with words you fail in understanding the DUALISTIC ROLE of truths...we murder also by our words, one man could pervert a Nation and now the Nation follows a lie and in this they have DIED ! Again 2 sides means inwardly and outwardly yet in one body !

Your scared I'll embarrass you is all, ye of little Faith(knowledge of Truths), your scared of Truths Alien to you, your scared because you only know a single side as your other eye has been plucked out and twice removed allowing your blinding by the bindings of your closed mindset !

Forgive us our Trespassers lmao as you put a trespass stamp on my behind why you remain the ASS ! I see you love rolling in self righteousness being the HEAD yet we know the fallacies of that phallus as being a single member hmmm I consider that member as the fallen one...Good luck in gloating and leading people astray as you fail to know who it is you even preach for has a dual role in light.ask yourself what light you serve !