Don't Miss The Reason

This past weekend we talked about Daniel and his steadfast passion to follow God despite the dire consequences he was facing. I always enjoy this story and anytime I get the opportunity to share about it I do. And there were some things we looked at, but one we didn’t have to address was Daniels faithfulness despite the context in history that he lived in. 

We know he was setup, this was a scheme that would alter his life...or so they thought. But it didn’t, because Daniel stayed the course. He didn’t allow the context of his time to dictate his dedication to God. It’s remarkable, especially when you realize that Daniel’s context was probably far less busy than ours.

And that makes think about all of us in this crazy busy society that we live in today. Faithfulness to God and His word is becoming more and more difficult each day we wake up. No day really talks about it though, maybe that’s because we have actually become to busy to talk to one another. To value the friendships and quality time with one another that we all actually need.

It’s unfortunate...but it’s not going to change. It’s only going to get busier in our lives day after day...all the while we will be pressed even further to place God on the back burner. Which will lead us into a life of unbiblical excuses as to why we can’t figure out why we are going through or experiencing things that are difficult. 

Here is why...because we have made busyness our habit. And when busyness is our habit we make decisions with a busy mind and then we expect God to correct all the decisions we made, right or wrong. 

It’s real cycle that we all can fall into...maybe this Christmas season we can re-write the narrative and make sure our busyness is about God rather than gifts...


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