Leading a child to christ


1) PRAY.  Ask God to help you talk about Him in a way that is loving, simple, and accurate.  Ask Him to open the hearts and minds of the children and to prepare and guide you for this discussion.
2) TRUST GOD.  Keep in mind that changing the heart and mind of any person is God's job.  We are responsible to deliver His message lovingly and accurately, but we're not responsible to wrench a decision from someone who is not ready.  Asking "Would you like to hear more about this now or at a later time?" and respecting their answers may help you know whether to continue the conversation or wait for another opportunity.
3) BE AN EXAMPLE.   Your life can show them that God's love makes a difference.
4) LISTEN.  Pay attention to the questions children may ask.  When you don't know the answer, tell them so and be sure to talk with them again when you find the answer.  Listen for their heartfelt concerns and fears.
5) KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Children are literal.  Avoid using phrases like "ask Jesus into your heart," which to a child may seem more surgical than metaphorical!  Children may repeat these phrases, but they may not understand them.  This is why it helps to ...
6) ASK QUESTIONS.  You'll know how well they understand when you ask who-what-when-where-and-why questions.  Ask questions that require them to offer their thoughts and their opinions.
7) TAKE TIME.  Allow time for private conversation and thought.  Some children are afraid to ask questions in a group setting, and some may need a little time to think things over.  Let them know you'll be available to answer questions later.  Then pay close attention if a child brings the subject up in a more private setting.