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Our church is passionate about helping others to know and grow in the love of Christ. To do this, we have a service that we are able to make available to you! Think of it like Netflix, only with bible studies, sermons, and even Christian cartoons for the kids! There is literally something for everyone! Click HERE to receive FREE access to Right Now Media.

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Without the work of the gospel, the divide between the created and our Creator would be insurmountable. But there’s good news. God had a plan for His people.
We believe that God’s gospel project began “In the beginning” and continues today in the hearts and lives of His people. It is our greatest hope and the means by which we are free to love, serve, and follow Jesus Christ. The Gospel Project points people to the good news of the gospel and equips them to live gospel-filled lives individually, in community, and on mission. We are going through the entire Bible over a 3 year period using The Gospel Project plans and including our kids, students and adults.